Build Excellence One Commercial Construction Project at a Time…

With Your Hands

With Your Head

With Your Heart

…With a Career at Miles-McClellan.

A career with Miles-McClellan is more than just a job. It’s the beginning of a journey that allows you to fulfill a sense of pride and purpose. With every project, our goal is to exceed client expectations and enhance communities one brick at a time. Using our hands, our heads and our hearts, we are able to make a difference and leave our mark in central Ohio and the Carolinas.

A Life-Changing Career Opportunity.

Discover how a career at Miles-McClellan changed the lives of these valued team members.

Be Part of Positive Change.

At Miles-McClellan, you’ll have the opportunity to make a direct impact on communities and improve the quality of life for residents. Whether it’s a new library, church, healthcare space, school, or more, you can feel empowered knowing that your unique thumbprint is making a difference.

The Miles-McClellan Mindset.

When we encounter a challenge, we view it as a way to learn and embrace growth. Our IMMPact approach allows every team member to learn from each other, engage in effective team building and tackle construction challenges head on. We also provide employees with professional development opportunities that allow them to experience career growth and become potenital leaders.

The Heart of a Community.

We are proud of our team, our work and the clients we have worked with throughout the years. Pride has always been the reason behind our motivation to build excellence for over 44 years. We put our hearts into every commercial construction project, and into every community we have helped improve. Throughout our time as a company, we have supported 58 non-profit organizations, and always support charitable initiatives that are important to our employees.

Let’s Work Together to Build Excellence!

If pursing a career that allows you to use your hands, head and heart for good sounds like the opportunity you’ve been searching for, we would love to talk to you! We are currently seeking responsible, trustworthy, talented problem-solvers that take pride in perfecting the little details but can also see the larger picture. We take pride in our team members and in our work in the communities in which we live. We offer great benefits, competitive salary and a variety of ways to pursue professional growth that allows members of our IMMPact teams to grow into strong leaders.

For more information, please email your resume or completed application form to and a member of our HR team will review your resume and determine next steps.

Leave Your IMMPact

The most important resource in any company is their employees. If you ask a current Miles-McClellan IMMPact Team member how they want their clients to perceive them, this is what they would say:

  • Integrity Icon Trustworthy, Honest, Capable, Dependable
  • Service-Minded Icon Service-Minded
  • Responsible Icon Responsible
  • Diligent and Attentive Icon Diligent and Attentive
  • Teamwork Icon Problem Solvers
  • Competent and Responsive Icon Competent and Responsive


Current lack of skilled workers and knowledgeable talent in the industry has created opportunity in our industry. Opportunity is one reason why a company’s culture becomes an important aspect of any job seeker.

Quality of life and family matter to us. While we are building the community, we find it just as important to be a part of the community. The moment you come on board you are part of a team, and we demonstrate what is expected early on. You will learn and grow, work hard, have a sense of ownership and pride, and join a company that believes the only way to achieve true success is to make their employees successful.

Miles-McClellan Team Culture
Miles-McClellan Team Culture


  • 401K Matching Icon 401K Matching
  • Professional Development Icon Professional Development
  • Paid Time Off Icon Paid Time Off
  • Health, Dental, Vision Insurance Icon Health, Dental, Vision Insurance
  • Holidays Icon Holidays

Interested in Joining the Miles-McClellan IMMPact team?

Employees of Miles-McClellan Construction make an IMMPact in our business, for our clients and in the communities we serve. Please, If you are an IMMPact player and you are interested in becoming a part of the growth and excitement here at Miles-McClellan, email your resume or completed application form to and a member of our HR team will review your resume and determine next steps.
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