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People and Process Matter

There’s a better way to deliver construction services.

  • We Do Things Differently

    As a Miles-McClellan client, you work with a select cross-functional team of experienced, industry-specific professionals led by a seasoned vice president for the life of your project. We refer to this team as your IMMPact Team.

    IMMPact Team

    This cohesive approach promotes knowledge sharing, hands-on training, and enables our team members to trust one another and collectively hold each other accountable for delivering technical excellence and client satisfaction. Our clients benefit by working with intuitive problem solvers with insight based on experience and training.

  • The Meaning Behind IMMPact

    Meaning Behind IMMPact

  • Their Way

    At many other construction companies, one team does the selling, one does the estimating, another manages the project, and yet another settles the account. Because each step and team exists independently, miscommunication and delays are bound to happen. The inflexible structure puts the duty on you as the client to communicate your goals and expectations throughout the project.

  • The Miles-McClellan Way – Our IMMPact Approach

    Using specific IMMPact Teams allows us to move quickly and be more flexible and responsive to your needs. The team taking care of you doesn’t change as your project progresses and your Vice President stays involved throughout the entire project. You experience the same high level of technical excellence and customer satisfaction from pre-construction to the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

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