Our Most Important Commitment to Our Employees

Safety is built into the Miles-McClellan corporate culture like mortar in a brick wall. Safety is an integral part of daily operations, not an afterthought considered only because it is required that we do so. The driving force behind the success of our safety program is our commitment to send every team member home safe each night.

Miles-McClellan believes that workplace safety is the responsibility of the entire company from the owners and managers to the employees and subcontractors on each job. With the help of our full-time safety manager, our project leaders teach by example and understand it is their duty to ensure that company policies are being carried out completely.

Our comprehensive safety-training program utilizes effective lessons, informative meetings, industry certifications, and a full-time safety manager to create a secure environment. All this effort means our clients and our associates can rest assured that each work site is safe and secure.

Our commitment to safety shows in our exemplary safety record and the 22 safety awards we’ve received over the last 23 years of service to the community. We’ve been honored with 3 safety innovations awards over the past 4 years by the Builders Exchange of Central Ohio.

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