Steve Parsons

Steve Parsons

Director of Field Operations

How did you get into the construction industry?
My Father was a Superintendent for Miles-McClellan, and I was hired on right after I graduated High School in 1980. I’ve been here the majority of my career.

Which project are you most proud of?
The Honda Aircraft World Headquarters, Research & Development Building, and the Honda Engine Plant projects are the most memorable projects and the ones of which I’m most proud. Those projects were a lot of firsts for me. I’ve been with Miles-McClellan since 1980. Over that time, I’ve held about every position and worked on every type of project from prisons to churches, academic facilities, and student housing. The Honda Aircraft projects were different. They are the first jet manufacturing faculties built by Honda, so no one had built these types of facilities before. For Miles-McClellan as a company, it was and still is our largest project to date and the reason we moved into the North and South Carolina Markets. I moved from Ohio to build these facilities and never looked back.

What do you like about Charlotte?
I love the blue skies and the sunshine in North Carolina.

What is the best compliment anyone could give you?
You do excellent work.

Where is the most interesting place you have traveled?
The most interesting place I’ve ever traveled is Glacier National Park in Essex, Montana. It put the size of God’s creation into perspective for me. The proportion of how small we are compared to the glacier.

What is something that people don’t know about you?
I’m a great swing dancer!