Lifeline of Ohio Expansion & Donor Memorial


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Lifeline of Ohio


Construction Manager at Risk


Occupied Renovation




ABC Excellence in Construction Award

The Results

We have acted as Construction Manager at Risk (CMR) for 2 significant renovations for Lifeline of Ohio; the first completed in 2008, and this project completed in 2017.

The office expansion was a three-phase, 20,452 SF renovation of Lifeline of Ohio’s organ procurement facility. The project also included a 2,975 SF conference center addition, and the project’s centerpiece, a Donor Memorial Plaza. The construction took place in an occupied building that required coordinating swing space for employees and working around a 24-hr call center.

Each subsequent phase could not begin until the previous phase finished, and a temporary occupancy permit was issued. Additionally, the demolition and framing portions of the project happened in the evening hours, after the tenants had gone home. The transition between night and day shifts proved a challenge because of a necessary overlap in scheduling that had some contractors working days and evenings on the same days. The varying schedule was effectively managed due to constant communication internally between the management team.

The crown jewel is the Donor Memorial Plaza, highlighted by two fountains surrounded by granite rings that increased in size the further they were away from the fountains, simulating a ripple effect that symbolizes the ripple effect created by organ donation. These “ripples” continued into the architectural features of the building with custom LED light fixtures, the carpet design, and curved curtainwalls of the existing building and new addition.

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