Student Academic Services Center and Lane Avenue Parking Garage


Columbus, OH


The Ohio State University


Construction Management (JV Partner)


New Construction


LEED Silver


23 Months


ABC Excellence in Construction Award &
BX Craftsmanship Award

The Results

The Academic Services Building houses offices for Admissions, Registrar, Financial Aid, Enrollment Services, Fees and Deposits, and Student Loan Disbursements offices.
Physical Facts:

  • 10.63-acre site
  • 127,400 SF
  • 6 stories
  • 4 elevators
  • an underground utility tunnel

The Student Academic Services Building features a five-story cantilever that extends nearly 44′ from the front entrance. It is the most recognizable feature of the building and provides visual interest and aesthetic appeal. The cantilever’s structural steel was set before the concrete decks were poured, and exterior masonry completed. The steel beams of the cantilever were installed 3” higher than the desired finish elevation. The 3” elevation difference was determined by calculating the estimated weight of the concrete and brick and the deflection of the steel beams. When the steel structure was loaded with the concrete decks and the exterior brick, the structure settled to within a ¼” of being level.

The Lane Avenue Parking Garage is a post-tension, cast-in-place parking garage with a stainless steel mesh/brick/storefront exterior.
Physical Facts:

  • 449,160 SF
  • 9 stories
  • 3 elevators
  • 1,400 parking spaces

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