Miles-McClellan Construction Director of Field Operations Steve Parsons Discusses the Benefits of Owner’s Representation in Construction

Greasecycle’s Charlotte facility

Construction projects are complex and require effective management of many different moving parts, such as groups of subcontractors, estimating costs and supervising work to ensure it is of the highest quality. Our owner’s representation services offer support during the planning, design and construction cycles of a project, and allow a project to meet the owner’s expectations in terms of scope, quality, schedule and budget. We customize our owner’s representation services to be flexible based on the owner’s needs, and the owner decides how much involvement and decision-making authority we receive. This leads to exceptional results with a project completed on schedule and on budget.

In this interview with Miles-McClellan Construction director of field operations Steve Parsons, learn about his experience being an owner’s representative and how it has allowed him to “save the day” for his clients.

Let’s Hear More From Steve Parsons:

Q: What experience do you have as an owner’s representative on projects?

A: Greasecycle’s Charlotte facility was my first assignment as an owner’s representative. I look forward to my next opportunity as an owner’s representative.

Q: Why do you like being an owner’s representative for clients?

A: As a contractor, it is rewarding and challenging to experience the owner’s vision and assist them with their project’s planning, financial and schedule goals.

Q: What do you bring to the table – why would a client want to work with you?

A: Experience. I have fourty-four years of commercial construction experience with a diverse and long list of successful projects.

Q: Can you name an example of “how you saved the day” for a client?

A: During COVID-19 and Greasecycle’s project, we were advised that the lead time for the electrical switch gear equipment would be twenty-eight months after it was approved and released due to severe supply chain issues. This was unacceptable for a project with a goal of completion within nine months. Through my electrical supply contacts, I sourced a used and refurbished switch gear from a supply house in California and finished the project by the nine month deadline.

Q: Do you have any specific advice for those in the construction industry working as an owner’s representative for clients?

A: Be a good steward. Treat concerns and your client’s money like you would your own. Think outside the box of a typical contractor and bring creative solutions to the table. Listen to the owner’s concerns and draw down on all your experience. Pride the owner with your professional advice. Advise the owner of the risks before they become a problem. Always be fair but firm with everyone.

Do you want to make sure your next construction project goes smoothly, on time and without numerous unforeseen obstacles? Then learn more about our owner’s representation services and contact us if you have any questions.