The Importance of Team in Achieving Technical Excellence

Believe it or not, the ability to work collaboratively as a team is a learned skill. The longer your project team has worked together, the more skilled they are at problem-solving. Through their shared experiences, team members become proficient in applying their intuition and offer creative problem-solving solutions. A few characteristics of an integrated project team are:

  • Team members knowing their role in the project’s success – Each professional understands how their role impacts the project and focuses on the subtle details of their position, confirming they are done accurately and thoroughly.
  • Hold each other to high standards – While the team makes an agreement with their owner, they make a promise to each other. As an owner, you may not see the accountability they hold to each other, but the effect is seen in the quality of your project.
  • Confidence in solutions – They all know how each other operate, how they break down issues and analyze the best path forward, and they know how to work together to develop creative solutions.
  • Connecting to people, not just your project – All team members are informed of the status of the project at all times. They maintain appreciation and comradery as you work together as partners, leading you to success.

Collaborative problem solving refers to an open process for generating multiple alternatives, fostering the exchange of ideas and producing a validated solution.” (Garvin & Roberto, 2001)