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General contracting gives our building professionals real on-the-job experience which gives them an understanding of how construction actually works. In the field, general contracting experience brings insight, builds knowledge base, and strengthens intuition.

General Contractor

Building Relationships Begin with Quality

We prevent you from receiving phone calls in the middle of the night. All projects are held to Miles-McClellan Construction’s safety and quality standards. Maintaining control over all general contracting prevents quality issues and gives the team flexibility to be proactive and responsive. As your general contracting partner, we will take the time to understand all project objectives, and we will adapt during construction to achieve all of your goals.

Our relationships and past successes have given us the reputation for being a local general contracting leader known for quality and technical excellence.

  • Regular, clear, and open communication;
  • Impeccable construction management of thousands of details and hundreds of people in order to stay on time and on budget;
  • Safe and quality general construction;
  • Recognition and mitigation of risk;
  • Concise documentation; and
  • Superior customer service.

Contact a general contracting Project Manager today to learn more about how Miles-McClellan’s general contracting services resolves issues before they become problems.

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