Construction Management at Risk Services

Comprehensive Solutions For Construction Management At Risk

For decades our customers have trusted Miles-McClellan to manage their construction pre-design phases with excellence. We offer a complete construction management at risk (CMR) experience, from project and risk management, project cost estimate and budgeting, and design and engineering services, Miles-McClellan delivers. We’ll handle the entire pre-design phase of your project.

Construction Management at Risk Services

What is Construction Management At Risk?

Construction management at risk is a process in which a construction manager commits to deliver a construction project within a guaranteed maximum price (GMP). The construction manager then takes on the role of consultant for the project during the development and design phase. The construction manager ensures that the project is properly prepared for execution by the time the design phase is complete handling all aspects of the initial design process.

What are the benefits of Construction Management at Risk?

Construction management at risk offers an alternative procurement process to long-standing private-sector construction contracting. CMR can provide the following benefits to project owners:

  • Increased speed of project execution
  • Highly qualified construction managers with decades of expertise
  • Enhanced synergies between stakeholders throughout the design process
  • Cost and pricing transparency between owners and managers

Why should you work with Miles-McClellan Construction?

We pride ourselves on our construction management excellence. When you work with Miles-McClellan, we provide a seamless and efficient design process before the construction even begins. Miles-McClellan takes full accountability of all pre-project outcomes and delivers exceptional results every time.

A Legacy of Experience

Miles-McClellan brings over 46 years of construction and development management experience to every project. We offer decades of experience in construction management at risk projects that only comes with working with Miles-McClellan. We know legal and regulatory compliance procedures inside and out and guarantee we’ll meet all risk management requirements for any job. You can feel safe knowing Miles-McClellan is taking care of your project.

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