Thorough Pre-Construction Planning Produces High-Quality Facilities

Pre-construction services set the stage for getting it right the first time. Thoughtful planning and strategy must be constantly employed during the design process so that all goals (function, schedule, budget, quality, aesthetic, etc.) are met. At Miles-McClellan Construction, our pre-construction services ensure that every job goes smoothly.

Columbus, Ohio pre-construction planning

Solving Complex Technical Construction Challenges Before It Becomes an Issue

Pre-construction and construction are probably not a part of your business but is exactly how Miles-McClellan exceeds expectations. Construction is a puzzle with many solutions, some of which are more cost-effective than others. Our pre-construction service will not waste your budget on ill-conceived sets of project documents, schedules, and scopes that require constant updating to be of any use.

Instead, our pre-construction services allow us to take the time to understand the project goals and make a strategic plan before even starting construction. Doing this ensures that each project will meet the customer’s goals, stay on budget, and be completed on time.

During pre-construction, we will provide you with project studies, comparative analysis, and real-life case studies that demonstrate true project benefits. This information enables you to make critical decisions before construction even begins and therefore plan as close to a perfect project as possible.

Let us help you make the critical decisions before construction begins by providing you with project studies, comparative analysis, and real-life case studies that demonstrate true project benefits. Our passion is to plan as close to a perfect project as possible.

When our clients hire us, they are relying on us to protect, absolutely, their project goals with respect to initial cost, completion schedule, long term dependability, cost of building maintenance, energy efficiency, quality of workmanship, and architectural aesthetic. The only way to do that is to continually guide and monitor every step of the total process, including:

  • the initial project master planning and goal setting
  • the retention of the appropriate architects, engineers, and other consultants for the project
  • the total design process from conceptual design through completed construction documents
  • the selection of proper building systems and equipment, from foundations and structure to roofing and exterior wall to plumbing, HVAC & electrical
  • the construction of the facility from foundation start to facility completion, systems training, and occupancy turn-over

If we are to truly achieve excellence of service, then each of our team members, including the consultants we hire, must put the owner’s interests first, and our project team, in concert with the owner, must continually monitor our performance with respect to the mandates set forth above.

— Terry McClellan, Founder

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For over 46 years, Miles-McClellan Construction has been solving complex construction challenges for customers in almost any industry and of any size. In addition to offering pre-construction work, we are able to provide all of the following services:

With Miles-McClellan as your Columbus pre-construction building partner, you can expect your project to be held to our highest quality and safety standards. Additionally, we strive to always deliver high-quality services at an affordable cost.

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