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  • Since we are dedicated to building the communities in which we work, live, play, and serve, working with the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium is one of our favorite clients. Who wouldn’t want to work at the Zoo?!
    • 2021 Misc. Fence & Signage Projects
    • Building Repair
    • Education Center Renovation – Construction of a new wing to the existing education center (7,913 SF).
    • Perimeter Fence Repair
    • Flamingo Fence
    • Zoombezi Bay Signage
    • Zoombezi Bay Bumper Car Building
    • AEV Fence
    • Locker Ends
    • Elephant Fence
    • Concession Building & Restroom Addition
    • Freshwater Mussel Conservation & Research Center Renovation – Interior renovation of the existing research facility and former lodge. The changes include the renovation of the current staff breakroom, staff office area, and tank room as well as adding a dividing wall to create a new invitro room and grow room.
    • Nocturnal Building and Aviary – Upgrades of the Australian region to create a habitat/exhibit space for the Weedy Seadragon.
    • Tasmanian Devil Exhibit (DB) -A new 1,220 SF outdoor habitat area and 250 SF indoor holding area.
    • Adventure Cove – The sea lion habitat consists of two primary multi-gallon cast-in-place concrete tanks totaling approximately 300,000 gallons, acrylic viewing windows, animal life support systems, exhibit areas, education space and support spaces. 375,000-gal. pool; a 6,000 SF sea lion indoor facility; a 19,000 SF Animal Encounters Village and Life Support System (LSS) building; exterior animal habitat; a new restroom building; and renovation of an existing stingray touch experience.

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