Life Plan Communities

A Growing Demand for Life Plan Communities in North Carolina

The demand for 55 and older life plan communities continues to grow. As existing community owners look for ways to compete in this fast-growing market, renovation can be a key factor to longer-term success.

At Miles-McClellan, providing renovation services for Life Plan Communities is a major focus in North Carolina.

The IMMPact team at Miles-McClellan can share our unique Life Plan Community renovation approach help you deliver renovation projects on time, within budget, while minimizing disruption for your staff and residents.

If your Life Plan Community is planning or considering renovations, the IMMPact team at Miles-McClellan can help.

Contact us to schedule a free, no obligation renovation consultation.

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  • Life Plan Community Infographic

    Life Plan Community Renovations North Carolina is a thriving market for Life Plan Communities. Download the Life Plan Community Renovation information graphic to learn about:

    • The growing demand and key factors for new and renovated Life Plan Communities.
    • The top concerns facing Life Plan Community owners.
    • The IMMPact of the Miles-McClellan Life Plan Community renovation approach.
  • Life Plan Community Survey

    We would like to hear from Life Plan Community owners and professionals.

    This short, seven question survey will take less than three minutes to complete. In exchange for taking the survey, Miles-McClellan will provide aggregate information and insights for Life Plan Communities in the North Carolina region.

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