Design-Build is a Relationship Delivery

The design-build contractor and architect work as a team to complete construction documents based on your project needs and wants. Having a design-build contractor and architect team that has successful past team experiences improves project delivery. A pre-existing relationship between the design-build contractor and architect alleviates any potential conflicts because each partner is looking out for your best interests instead of their own.

Design-Build Delivery Provides the Single Point of Accountability that is Essential for Fast-Track Construction Projects

Design-build delivery gets your project up and going faster than other delivery methods. As the design-build contractor, we will provide you with an established guaranteed cost early in the process which will allow you to secure funding faster. Through value engineering and constructability analyses, we will mitigate uncertainty and surprises. Perhaps the biggest benefit for you is the ability to overlap design and construction which shortens construction duration and cost.

To learn more about how using a design-build contractor with a proven industry relationship can speed up your project, contact one of our seasoned construction vice presidents today.

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