Building Communities: The Importance of Exceptional Construction in the Public and Municipal Space

The CMPD University City Division

“Working with Miles-McClellan on Fire Station No. 6 has been a great team experience all the way through design and well into construction. They have demonstrated their ability to perform on previous projects and have continued to deliver. It is great working with a trustworthy contractor that wants to do what’s right for taxpayers and stakeholders.”
Christopher Wyckoff
Facilities & Construction Director
The Town of Mooresville

With every construction job, we are focused on building excellence, because we know that transforming spaces in a community can also transform lives.

Nothing drives this point home more than the work we have performed in the public and municipal sectors. This type of construction, and these structures, are critical for community development as they provide essential infrastructure and services. However, they come with a unique set of challenges that must be considered, which includes handling tight budgets, securing funding sources, obtaining the necessary permits and approvals, managing the expectations of stakeholders and staying compliant with numerous laws and regulations. At Miles-McClellan Construction, we have decades of experience managing these types of projects, and have a deep understanding of municipal codes, funding and how to work well with the municipal team.

Here are some strategies that have served us well when working with public and municipal projects:

Plan Thoroughly and Keep the End Goal in Mind:

Municipal projects usually begin with very clear goals and a firm budget. At Miles-McClellan Construction, we always ensure that we maintain open communication with all involved in a public or municipal project, including members of our team, stakeholders, any public officials involved, architects, design teams, etc., to keep everyone on the same page at all times. It’s important to establish the full scope of a project and make sure that it is realistic with the time and funds allotted. It’s also necessary for the construction team to understand current industry trends that could affect aspects of the project, for example, supply chain issues. This level of awareness gives way to foresight which allows construction project managers to communicate these potential issues to all involved and find creative solutions before it becomes a bigger problem.

Compliance is Key

Compliance with public and municipal projects is crucial for ensuring that projects are completed safely and in accordance with established standards. Construction companies need to confirm compliance with local building codes, be familiar with local laws and regulations and understand how to obtain the necessary permits. Some cities also have environmental rules and regulations that must be followed when working on a construction project.

Prepare for the Unexpected

Even the most well-planned construction projects can encounter obstacles, and that applies to public and municipal construction as well – just ask anyone who was waiting for government funds to begin a project when the pandemic hit in 2020. We highly recommend having a contingency plan that maps out potential risks and possible solutions. It could ultimately save a project thousands.

Check out two Miles-McClellan Construction municipal projects that ended up improving their respective communities:

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