From Concept to Completion: The Value of Owner’s Representation Services in Commercial Construction

“The money spent on representation was paid for by speeding up the project and reducing unnecessary costs due to preventable delays.”
Dylan Gehrken, Founder & President Greasecycle LLC

Commercial construction projects are complex and involve multiple moving parts. Tasks such as organizing logistics, estimating costs and supervising the quality of work take time and experience. The result if not done correctly? Construction mistakes that can cost an owner millions and completely derail critical deadlines and schedules.

At Miles-McClellan Construction, we consider ourselves an extension of your team, and our owner’s representation services offer full support and service throughout the lifecycle of a construction project. We offer these services at varying levels based on your needs, and as the owner, you decide how much involvement and decision making authority we have as your representative.

Our owner’s representation services include the following:

Team Building- Creating a cohesive construction team you can trust.

Budgeting- Providing accurate and conservative budgets.

Inspections- Evaluating quality and specification conformance.

Schedules- Monitoring timelines and managing decisions.

Meetings- Meetings allow us to make client needs our focus and priority through the entirety of a project.

Discover How Our Owner’s Representation Services Allowed Greasecycle® to Save Money and Reduce Stress

Greasecycle®, a company that provides comprehensive grease services and sustainable waste solutions, partnered with Miles-McClellan Construction on a new 9,000 SF recycling facility for cooking oil and grease trap waste in Charlotte, NC. This project included the complete renovation of an existing building, site work, new process equipment and below ground storage tanks. Through our owner’s representation services, we guided them throughout the project in the following ways:

Permitting- Miles-McClellan Construction led the design team in securing permit approval from the County’s zoning, traffic, civil, architectural, mechanical and electrical departments. We also worked closely with the County Fire Marshals to secure their approval.

Team Formation- We vetted, selected and interviewed all contractors to build the best possible team. We ensured that there were industrial process professionals on-site and managed every part of the construction and the process systems to maintain timely project completion.

Change Order Review- We required all change order requests to be broken down in detail and thoroughly reviewed to ensure fair costs for additional requested work.

Contract Resolution- Miles-McClellan Construction resolved all contract disputes by leading all negotiations without the need for expensive legal actions.

The Result? Owner’s Representation That Paid for Itself

Our owner’s representation services saved Greasecycle® 7%, a total of $457,330, of the overall construction budget by dividing all work into numerous contract packages and providing thorough and detailed scope descriptions and schedules within the bid packages to the prospective contractors. Pretty impressive when you consider that our fee was $164,185!

Check out our case study to learn more about his project.

Our owner’s representation services keep our clients covered from beginning to end of a construction project, regardless of size or scope. If you’re ready to build excellence with owner’s representation services that allow you to save big and stress less, then contact our team!