Miles-McClellan Construction Vice President Matt Recchiuti Discusses His Experience Working With Industrial Clients

The construction landscape is vast and diverse. While it certainly includes those impressive commercial skyscrapers, remarkable retail centers and highly anticipated residential complexes, there is one realm of the industry that doesn’t always get as much media attention but is equally as important – the industrial sector. Industrial construction includes manufacturing, distribution, factories, power plants and other specialized facilities. Industrial construction structures, and the many fields and industries they allow to do the important work they do, are the backbone of this country and lay the groundwork for economic growth and future innovation.

In this interview with Miles-McClellan Construction vice president Matt Recchiuti, he sheds light on his unique journey working with industrial clients and best practices for building excellence in the industrial construction sector.

Let’s Dive Into Matt Recchiuti’s Industrial Construction Journey:

What experience do you have working with industrial clients?

The majority of my career has been spent in the industrial sector. I’ve worked with Honda, The Scotts Company, Core Molding Technologies and Hirschvogel among others. Whether it’s a new build in a green field, or a renovation/addition in an existing facility, the planning and coordination to manage our construction schedule with the daily operations of our industrial clients, and meshing the two together, is what is the most satisfying.

Why do you like working with industrial Clients?

Over the past 19 years, I have been able to build long-lasting relationships with our industrial clients built on trust, respect and confidence in Miles-McClellan Construction and our team. They know that we understand their needs and unique requirements while also recognizing that production is king, and we are merely secondary in their daily planning and preparation. The challenges that exist in trying to coordinate a schedule and daily activities, while appreciating their management team’s priorities and deadlines is what makes my team’s job rewarding.

What do you bring to the table – why would a client want to work with you?

Experience!!! The myriad of projects that our team has completed in occupied facilities without stopping production allows us to bring about solutions and know how to solve their unique and ongoing needs to fit out their space, all while not sacrificing their goals and quotas. Understanding that even the most well thought-out plans will encounter hiccups or unforeseen challenges that add more complexity. Finding a way to navigate around those challenges and pushing toward the finish line is what makes our job exciting and rewarding.

Can you name an example of “how you saved the day” for a client?

We save the day with each and every time critical, “must be done by” scenario that we are presented with, when we find a way to complete the project on time when there doesn’t appear to be a chance in hell of hitting the schedule goal. Often, we are only given a week or a small shutdown window to complete our projects because production starts back up on a certain date. The scheduling of multi-shift, around-the-clock operations, which often includes scheduling activities by the hour, and coordinating all of the trades along with other ongoing projects, is where my team excels.

Specific advice for those in the construction industry working with industrial clients?

Understand that no job is impossible. There is usually always a way if you’re willing to look at alternative solutions and find a new way of doing something that is outside of the norm.

We are proud of our work within the industrial sector, and have seen firsthand how it helps the community and benefits society. If you have an industrial construction project or would like to learn more about our approach to industrial construction, contact us today!