We’re Growing and So Are Our People

While our firm has grown – so have the people in it. Aubrey Harless, Dave McIntosh, Mike Rodriguez and Ted Tinkler all received promotions to Vice President. The Vice President title describes their dedication to our firm and clients, their leadership and mentoring of their teams, and their knowledge and experience within the A/E/C industry.

Aubrey Harless is a leader in North Carolina. His IMMPact team focuses on Industrial and Multi-Unit. They work in both the public (multi-unit) and private (industrial) sectors.

“Throughout our 10 year history in the Carolinas, Aubrey has been a rock since the beginning. His skill set, attitude and dedication are admired and appreciated. His impact on our company and clients has helped to shape our office into what it is today.” – Timothy McClellan, Executive Vice President – General Manager, North Carolina

Dave McIntosh’s IMMPact team focuses primarily on private work with an emphasis on fast renovations — 92% of the team’s work comes from repeat clients.

Mike Rodriguez runs Miles-McClellan’s subsidiary, M-M Masonry, LLC. Mike has grown M-M Masonry into one of Central Ohio’s largest masonry firms. His crew is known for exceptional craftsmanship, and they take great pride in their work.

Ted Tinkler’s IMMPact team services both the private and public sectors. While his team performs small, complex projects for their repeat clients, they are also set up to run large volume projects.

“Dave, Ted and Mike, and their respective teams have done an outstanding job of focusing on relationships over the last three years. Relationships with their subcontract teams and their field teams produce the quality projects, and the high results in the field keep the clients satisfied – strengthening the relationship with both the client and the architect. It is a cycle that continues to result in more work keeping all three teams as busy as they have ever been.

Watching the success of all four teams tells me we have set the right goals, and we have the right people. I hope we are not too busy to have some fun along the way!” – Matthew Q. McClellan, President